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Huanchaco Living Culture

The Origin of Surfing

Huanchaco The name comes from Guaukocha (beautiful lagoon with goldfish). Today is a traditional place and a very beautiful beach, stop for tourists visiting the province of Trujillo.

Huanchaco is not only a paradise beach which gives us the opportunity to enjoy the sun and the beach at any time of year. We are also proud heirs and perpetuators of a national tradition with over 4000 years of history: the Caballito de Totora, used for navigation and fishing from the time of the ancient Moche and Chimu also. Even today Huanchaco fishermen continue this ancient tradition.

It is also the place where mochicas originated the ceviche dish of Peruvian cuisine with international recognition. During the reign of the Moche and Chimu cultures, Huanchaco was an important port in the region. The beach is a tourist place and is home to international surfing competitions, being known World Longboard that takes place in the summer of each year.

At the top of Huanchaco a colonial church stands. Considered the second oldest of Peru. Besides having a beautiful artisanal fishing pier where you can see one of the best sunsets.