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Surf in Peru

Land of Champions!

Today, surfing enjoys wide acceptance in Peruvian society, mercy triumphs over several Peruvian history surfers (which includes six individual world titles and two teams). For some time, surfing allowed to become a sport "elite" to gain a place in the heart of Peruvians.

In the 30s, was in the Hawaiian Islands Peru Carlos Dogny Larco athlete to participate in a tournament of Polo. He learned surfboard surfing while in the islands and their return to Peru brought the first surfboard in Latin America. So, first reaches the modern table Latin America in 1942. On 8 February the same year the Club Waikiki opens in Miraflores Hawaiian style to become the site of the first surfboard surfers in the country of the classes socioeconomically high. The surf surfboard initially practiced on the beaches of Miraflores by an elite of persons with excellent economic resources. In the 50 beginning is given to the first surf championships and are always held with luau parties, in the manner of Hawaii and California with some air. For many years the only table Championships in Peru were organized by the exclusive Club Waikiki and sporting events thanks to the table made by this organization since 1955, the table was known for Lima society. In our country the first table events were held worldwide but still there was the World Federation of Table (which was founded by a Peruvian Eduardo Arena, only in 1964). In 1965 the Peruvian Felipe Pomar won the first World Championship Table held on the beach in Punta Rocas, district of Punta Hermosa, south of Lima. Similarly, Peru was the pioneer in Latin America in the manufacture of tables, and today, thanks to its high quality and lower price, tables 'Made in Peru' are increasingly demanded by a number of surfers that goes increase. Unfortunately, Peru is not inserted in professional surfing, causing a loss of prominence in world competitions are now all professionals. Peru is only important in Latin American powers. Progressively surfing has gone from being an elitist pastime to be a hobby also part of Lima's middle class, and although it is now practiced by more people, remains a habit of a small group of people without being as popular as in the United US, Australia and Brazil.

WORLD CHAMPIONS invidual: 1965: Felipe del Pomar, World Open Champion. 1997: Magoo de la Rosa, ISA World Champion, Grand Master. 2004: Sofia Mulanovich, ASP World Champion - Ladies WCT. 2011: Cristobal de Col, ISA World Champion, Junior. 2012: Javier Huarcaya, ISA World Champion, Grand Kahuna. 2013: Piccolo Clemente, ASP World Champion, Longboard.

WORLD CHAMPIONS TEAM: ISA WORLD CHAMPIONS 2010 - OPEN Gabriel Villaran, Matias Mulanovich, Javier Swayne and Cristobal de Col (Men) Sofia Mulanovich and Analí Gomez (Ladies) Piccolo Clemente and Juan Jose Corzo (Longboard). ISA WORLD CHAMPIONS 2011 - JUNIOR Cristobal de Col, Juninho Urcia, Joaquin del Castillo, Miguel Tudela, Carlos Mario Zapata, Martin Jeri, Sebastian Correa and Lucca Mesinas (Men) Vania Torres, Belu Quispe, Melanie Giunta and Miluska Tello (Damas).