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Huamanchumo is an ancient name of the northern coast of Peru, most Peruvian families who wears it is trujillana ancestry, the capital of the department of La Libertad, and a native of the coastal district of Huanchaco, with its fishermen tradition preserved until today rafts known as 'reed horses'.

GUAMAN Chumun (Huamanchumo) According to the myth of the Chimu kingdom, TAKAYNAMO landing on the beaches of Moche, leading a fleet of rafts. Established in the new lands founded a dynasty, which included 20 rulers. One of them was the great conqueror Minchazaman; during his administration the Chimu dominnaron the north coast of Peru, from Tumbes to Lima (river Chillón) in an area of over 1000 km. However Minchazaman had the fate of seeing the fall of his vast kingdom. An army of over 30,000 soldiers commanded by Tupac Inca Yupanqui, son of Pachacutec, achieved his surrender. According to the historical evidence was a peaceful conquest. This allowed the city of Chan Chan (capital of the Chimu kingdom) was not sacked. The ruling was taken to Cusco along with hundreds of artisans: potters, goldsmiths and weavers. In Chan Chan Chumun CAUR heir, son of Minchanzaman and Chanquirguaguan, ascended the throne, but under the rule of the Inca power. When the Spaniards arrived in Peru, a son, GUAMAN CHUM, was mandated by the Incas in front of the regional government Chimu. Finally, during the government of CHIMU CAPAC called BOX CIM CIM, the Spaniards came to the valley of Moche, initiating the looting and destruction of temples and citadels. In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the descendants of GUAMAN CHUM, followed stood in for the north coast of Peru, as chiefs or caciques, to wield some perks but invested with just a theoretical or symbolic power.

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