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SHAPERHenry Hebert Huamanchumo Polo - HHHP

Surf in my life.

Since I learned this beautiful sport, became everything to me, it's my passion; the nature, the sea and its waves, boards and symmetrical designs. Unique, incomparable!

Known for:

Being able to shape boards a wide variety of boards, which operate in all types of waves. Inserting a cultural art of northern Peru in his paintings.

His Philosophy.

Always keep an open mind to new ideas and constantly try to improve and progress; take criticism and advice.

A good reason.

I always like to give advice to my clients for the election or exclusive creation of your board. The goal is to deliver the best product.

Grateful to:

God first, this is a gift that He has given me and bless my hands. My brothers and nephews always be with me and to all who are always confident in my work.


Also known as "Chicho" began working in the workshop of Tables "WISTANA" in 1988, where he learned to repair and tables. It was there that art shape boards was born, then refined with renowned shapers brazil. In 2000 my trip to Brazil was to learn more about the art of making tables. Thank God I could get some knowledge recognized as shapers Brazilian Jefferson Lopez and Rodolfo da Silva.